The adaptation in P3, a will coming experience

The adaptation process has to be welcomed with open arms and for this reason we give a special mention to the adaptation process of the children in P3 and their families. Days before the  beginning of school, the teachers provided an information session whilst ´opening the doors´ to the children of P3 and their families to see their classroom, meet with other classmates and greet teachers.

Once the school year starts, we will dedicate our time and energy into the adaptation process. We will provide our students with special attention and use all of the mechanisms that will help them to adapt to new school dynamics. With this, we want them to feel safe, relaxed and happy at all times. We also know that every child has their own process in which they adapt and we respect the time and way they need to feel comfortable.

These first days of the school year we have; adapted to a new environment, we visited the school, met with the other classmates and with the new teachers, we have played and told stories and sang songs… we are having so much fun!

Here you have a few photos of these first days in P3.