‘Frankenstein, an amazing play in English’

Course: fifth and sixth

Enjoying and improving our students’ English with theatre is one of the most important objectives planned in this school subject and in our Linguistic Project.

During theatre preparation, we do activities related to listening, writing, vocabulary, reading and speaking. So we can guarantee that all the necessary learning skills are present during those previous days to the play.

So what do we want our students to reach?:

  • 1.       Enjoy English using a great activity.
  • 2.       Understand the story plot and talk about it.
  • 3.       Do several written activities to reinforce writing.
  • 4.       Learn vocabulary from a different and funny context.
  • 5.       Prepare questions for the actors and actresses who kindly act out for us.
  • 6.       Connect ‘Frankenstein’ with Halloween activities.
  • 7.       Be respectful and show a correct attitude during the play.

See the pictures that were taken last Monday, 28th. They are absolutely wonderful!, just a part of the whole show we enjoyed.

Finally we want to thank IPA PRODUCTIONS for their marvellous job at our school and the teachers who made possible that the students had, once again, the chance to vibrate with English.