We connect with the families

Santa Isabel School takes care of all the students’ connectivity

Santa Isabel School, the AMPA and the Town Hall of Sant Cugat have been collaborating and working together  in order to facilitate the necessary connectivity to those students who need it because of the current Covid-19 crisis. This is why the school and the Ampa have managed a tablets purchase, the cession of SIM cards with Internet from the Town Hall in order to get the tablets ready with connection and the necessary school’s applications and work with them as soon as possible. It is pretended that all the students can follow the school contents from home, virtually, as the Education Department has established. Solidarity and teamwork is sucessful one more time. We’re lucky to work rigorously with the Ampa  in order to be close to the families. So I want to thank the Ampa involvement and the Town Hall of Sant Cugat for all their help. Our dream to growing up together, guide and accompany our students.